The Minimalist Traveller – How to travel with less

How to travel with less

Travelling is one of the best things in life and is always a great adventure. Discovering new countries, new cultures and new people are refreshing and open up a new side of the world full of unknown exciting diversity.

Though packaging is a crucial part of the topic, there is actually no need to make it a stressful issue. In this guide, we list you the best tips on how to become a minimalist traveller and travel with less.


1. Minimalist wardrobe, minimalist traveller

The best way to travel with less is to start with the very basics and to build up a minimalist wardrobe first thus packaging will be a child’s play. Travelling should be about to visit things you like while staying practical instead so finding key garments is important. Read our Minimalism basics 1.0 guide about the basics of a minimalist outfit and remember that less is more!

2. Choose a smaller bag

This may seem scary, but no need to worry. Packing in a smaller bag will not only help you keep your items within bounds but also save you money from paying extra baggage charges and make your trip more comfortable with a less heavy bag. Advanced level minimalist travellers often go on backpack trips which is the most budget-friendly and practical way of travelling. It is easier than you think – a Rains or Kanken piece will do a great job.


3. Write a list

Writing lists is a game changer in life, that is why many people love to do so. If you have never been that type of person, we highly recommend to start it before your next trip with a stylish Els & Nel notebook. A packing list is the best way to stay conscious while travelling and have a thorough overview what things you really need. Besides, you will definitely require it after choosing a smaller bag in order to select the most essential things.

4. Beauty is simple

Keeping your beauty routine simple saves you money, time and space, especially when it is about travelling. It is completely unnecessary to use thousands of various products on your skin since the less is more viewpoint seems to be true to skincare as well. Applying only a few but the best products prevents you to overwhelm your skin with artificial chemicals and redundant ingredients.

5. Pack for three days

Even if you travel longer, pack for only three days. In this case, you will have enough variety in your outfit and have time to wash and dry your clothes before wearing again. After you have created your minimalist wardrobe, you will be able to choose your favourite, “mix-and-matchable” pieces. Furthermore, never forget the power of layering which can be we really useful, particularly while you are travelling.

6. Stay environmentally conscious

Sustainability should be an essential part of our life on a daily basis, and it is crucial to maintain this lifestyle while travelling as well. Impulse purchases can be especially attractive when visiting a place for the first time. However, always try to consider if you really do need the product you are about to buy. A great solution to avoid these situations and stay a minimalist traveller is to ensure the basic needs, like a refillable Memobottle water bottle or even a pair of sunglasses.


There is nothing you cannot buy at the place where you are heading to. Forget about carrying unnecessary things that you may not even use and you will soon realize that travelling with less means being carefree and is much more enjoyable.

Words by Barbara Ferencz


Images sourced from UPTOSTYLE.CO and Pinterest