Redefining the 21st century sneaker industry

We’re introducing you to yet another UPTOSTYLE- approved brand. 

Meet Veja. But, how did their story begin? Once upon a time…

(We don’t mean to spoil anything, but once you purchase your first Veja, it’s sure to be a Happily Ever After.)


Long story short

Veja was founded in 2015 by Sébastien Kopp and Ghislain Morillion. Most of us are familiar only with the big sneaker moguls, such as Nike or Adidas. Despite this, Veja doesn’t do any advertising as they are confident in their product and what it stands for. 

More and more people are noticing this brand naturally. In fact. people world-wide are slipping their feet into Veja trainers. Veja have a fairly-traded and a fresh approach to marketing, explained by the fact that 70% of the cost of a regular big sneaker brand is related to advertising. 

The brand also wanted to reduce the waste of natural resources and to create sneakers that have a positive impact both environmentally and socially. They do not invest in advertising, but the raw materials they buy according to the fair trade principles are more expensive. This is how the price remained the same and Veja ended up working with producers from France and Brazil.

These trainers are made by fair means and are stylish too.

Veja for the whole family

Veja has been a part of many families since 2008. In case you love the idea of mommy-and-me or family matching outfits, this brand is your dream shopping destination for footwear. The kids’ sneakers are based on adult styles and besides this, there is a wide range of styles and colours for boys and girls. 

What’s more, Veja’s shoes are versatile, the perfect fit for fidgety kids, eager to explore the world, and for always-on-the-go mums. The sneakers are comfortable, easy to slip in, and it looks unbelievably cute on the little ones. 

Have fun and let your mini pick the pair of shoes that is going to end up in your shopping cart! 


Which sneaker are you?

Possibly, Veja’s most important characteristic is the modern look with the matte finish. Also, you cannot miss the V-logo. These sneakers tick all the right boxes: comfortable, adjustable, stable, innovative, durable, etc. The company brings many fresh and go-to designs, in different colours. We listed below four of their most popular trainers, each one of them being very street-style appropriate. Nova and Esplar are the must-have low-top white sneakers that everybody needs in her life. V-10 and V-12 have a more urban edgy vibe to them, but still in a minimalist way. Having said that, which one is more like you?

Step into Veja’s vegan footwear

Sometimes you might ask yourself: ‘What is worth spending my money on?. Veja has the answer to that question. 

On their website, each product has a detailed description that tells us what we cannot see on the photos. The company tries to make a difference in this huge industry.  The brand works with small producers, staying sustainable and eco-friendly from the design thinking stage to the production phase. The leather is tanned with a vegetal process and the lining is made of recycled plastic bottles. All the materials they use are natural and animal-friendly.Shout out to Veja!


How to wear it

There is no who wore it better because you can hardly make a mistake styling these sneakers. It took a great deal of effort to choose our top two absolutely killing it on Instagram (#vejagram should be a thing). One of them is Julia ( aka @julialundinblog), who has an effortlessly chic flair for Veja. Her outfits make certain that these shoes can amp up the basics of your wardrobe and they look good even with premium statement pieces. Whereas, Rachel (aka @rachelschwartzman) pairs her sneakers with romantic ruffles and a straw-bag, taking it to a whole new level.

Supposing that you are still short of inspiration, go check out our edgy 80s style photoshoot, featuring a pair of Veja trainers. And for more, hit the button and visit their website! Because, if you have not yet got a pair of their sneakers, it is better sooner than later. In case you already have one, well,  more is sometimes better than less.

Text and Layout: Zsuzsanna Magyari

Images sourced from Veja & Instagram

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