Kånken – The best backpack for you

If you ever have an urge to own one timeless piece, only one, this is it. Fjällräven, a Scandinavian company based in Stockholm, but with an audience all over the world, made a true fashion statement with their Kånken backpacks which were introduced to the market in 1978. Your search for a perfect backpack is over!


To begin with, we have to introduce Fjällräven a bit more, because this Swedish brand is truly one-of-a-kind. Having originated in a small town of Örnsköldsvik, where mountains meet the sea, Fjällräven (literally translated as Arctic Fox) is bringing nature closer to people with a focus on simplicity and practicality, but most importantly, with the utmost respect for the environment.

Throughout the years, the company expanded their line monumentally, so in addition to flawless backpacks, you can also find clothes for women, men and kids, travel essentials, tents and even accessories.

During our search for essentials, we came across Fjällräven’s famous blog, full of inspiration for your next adventure and tips for efficient travelling. There is a piece of inspiration for everyone, whether you are a keen backpacker or a traveller who needs a snug and comfy couch when they decide to leave the nest and go on an adventure.

But now, back to the business. Fjällräven is making a huge statement with all their products, but Kånken is somehow special and very close to our heart. And not only because its versatility and design have no competition, but also because with their special edition, 10 euro from each backpack goes to Arctic fox research and conservation projects. Fjällräven is famous for supporting various projects that help to save nature and the environment, and we can’t admire this brand any more than we already do.


Kånken will be your best companion whether you are a trekker or a city guy. With its simple design and practical storage, it is perfect for literally any occasion. It was designed especially for kids’ backs, to keep them straight even while carrying heavy objects, therefore Kånken is definitely the healthiest option on the market for you, your friends, your family… and yes, Kånken is the best gift you can give. It’s original, practical and thanks to its beautiful design it’s definitely unusual, and because of its simplicity and a wide variety of colours, it will fit anyone’s taste.


There is nothing more left to say, just to dig into our selection and pick your perfect backpack. Happy shopping!


Text: Lujza Grossman