HODINA – Our Favourite Watch from Seattle!

One cannot have enough watches! This is our motto that we strictly live by and swear by. We could call ourselves lucky to have a chance to skinny dip in the endless flood of timepieces out on the market. However, the struggle is real when it comes to finding the perfect piece. Or actually, it was until now as we discovered our new favourite watch brand: Hodina. We have been in love with their beautifully designed minimalist products since we first laid eyes on them. Read our interview with the founders here!


Hodina in a nutshell

We are talking about a really young brand. The Seattle based husband and wife team, Vadim and Dasha founded Hodina almost 2 years ago. The idea of the watch company was born from their passion for minimalism and from the experience of their personal life story. You can get the limited edition HODINA watches through their online shop and follow their aesthetics on their Instagram.


Read our interview with Vadim, one of the founders of HODINA

Would you please tell us a little about yourself and your background in the industry? Where did you get the idea to create this brand? Why watches?

My love for watches began as a child. I grew up spending long hours around my father who is a watch repair specialist (over 40 years now). I would dig through vintage timepieces he had in his shop and looked for the most aesthetically pleasing design. I always enjoyed a small minimalistic watch face of a retro Hamilton or Bulova.

I began forming ideas “what if I could start my own design?” and it led to much research and hard work. I don’t have the advanced repair skills of my father, but I definitely share the same passion for beautifully designed watches.


Could you please describe the design process? What inspires you when it comes to design?

The design process really comes down to having the skill of knowing what is clean & beautiful. Not everyone knows how to pair details, colours and materials well. I personally have a love for design in all phases: architecture, furniture & fashion. My inspiration comes from neutral and natural elements around me. The raw aesthetic of modern architecture inspires me to design a watch with the same kind of thinking.

Once I have my vision in mind, I begin by sketching different dial and case designs. After thoroughly planning and drawing on paper, I move into producing a rendering. Then, I order samples. After thorough sampling for about 6 months, I put in my final order.


How is Hodina considered by watch enthusiasts?

HODINA started as a hobby. My love for minimalism and seeing interest in this niche market is what turned it into a business. My target market is an individual like me who enjoys unique and minimal watches that are of high quality. High quality at an affordable price is what separates us from our competitors.

“Quality over quantity is what we preach!”

After all, we are more of a boutique brand and not everyone understands this unique style of minimalism. We are okay with being a smaller brand. If everyone has the same kind of watch then it takes out the individuality of a person.


What are your goals for the company over the next few years?

Our goals for the next few years are to innovate new watch designs and to introduce new accessory products. We want to collaborate with other similar-minded companies (like we did with UPTOSTYLE) and grow in our marketing strategies. Also, we want to build stronger relationships with influencers and our customers through pop-up events and social media.

What do you see as the most significant challenges for Hodina over the next few years?

Challenges in the next few years could consist of direct competitors. These would be companies that share the same love of minimalistic watches and accessories. Our goal is to always stay innovative and unique in our approach.

What is it like to work with the Uptostyle team?

UPTOSTYLE has been truly incredible so far! Their curations are aesthetically pleasing and they are super friendly. When I first collaborated with Anett & Priszci I was completely blown away by their photos and their passion for minimal design. They are also really easy and fun to work with! I’m excited about the future and our relationship with them! 

 If you like minimalist watches as well, you should definitely check out our shop and get the latest limited models!


Text: Greta Dobai