The Chronicles of Rains – Vol. 2


We all live double lives.  At the moment we are given birth, we begin our voyage through our inner and outer world. These two lives complement each other. 

All of us are born archeologists, but not in the literal meaning of this word. We make unguided discoveries. During the first years of our journey, we are exploring the concrete world, such as toddling, mimicking the way people around us move their lips and waving.

In addition to this, we are trying to get used to the outside conditions: the rays of the scorching sun, wind-blown autumn leaves, and the first snowfall.


After this first period, we start excavating the upper layers of our inner world, because the world we live in and work in is a reflection of our personal experiences. 

Our soul and mind are complex, after the upper layers come to the ones laying deep down, such as our subconscious.  And there’s another thing to remember: you have the power to change your life through your journey. Hence you have to be adventurous, look for new opportunities to discover who you are. You are the one who leads your voyage of exploration.


While digging up the treasures of your inner world, you are opening up about your feelings to your family, friends and yourself. You are bound to feel unprepared or uncertain. You don’t know which is the surer path until you arrive at the end of that road. Taking risks might be the right path to disclose your soul. You have to make the necessary arrangements before you take off. 

Begin your journey by taking on your Rains jacket and your Rains backpack in order to feel self-confident. This way you can stretch yourself and unfold your inner world by exploring it.


Our life is a sum of outer and inner experiences. By taking a step in your life, big or small, you actually take two, one in your concrete world and another one in the universe of your own thoughts and emotions, which can be quite difficult at times to understand. 

It needs the effort to unjumble your feelings and subconscious, nevertheless, there will be times when this is what makes your life worth living. The inner world is the real you, just don’t be afraid of experiencing it!

Photo: Michaela Taylor
Text: Magyari Zsuzsanna