Pastel Pink Summer Vibes

The look of this summer

With a summer time coming up, the time of all your favourite outdoor activities is back: people should first explore city and nature before they fall in love with something new. And we all know the truly good experience is the one shared with your friends: common city walks, bicycle ridding, or a clear sunset will make everything you do better. These pastel pink summer vibe looks were inspired by the last flourishing spring flowers and the first Sunday of summer transformed into fashion.


Following the simple but great principle, we’ve created comfortable, yet pretty and clever outfits that are perfect for a bicycle tour. But they also stand out in a more elegant evening program. Outfits are built around the pastel pink shades of spring blossom, but they also carry the summer cotton-padded, ice-skinned vibes.

Betty wears an off white overall from Annadaubner, which is characterized by the translucent details of the fabric. She completed her outfit with a white COS bag, which is ingeniously made into a belt bag. She completed the outfit with mauve-colored Vagabond flip-flops, a character sunglasses dating back to the 90’s and a bicycle passing in a colour.


In Berta’s outfit the colors and patterns are emphasized. The sleek, curly upper airiness is a great match for the patterned pantyhose. Colorful, abstract patterns and stains appearing on the pink background of the pastel are cited by Judit Reigl’s painter.

Whether you are fond of contemporary art or just fancy the masterpieces of colorful patchwork on your cloth, this is a perfect choice. Whether it is a sightseeing tour with a museum tour or a gallery opening ceremony.

Aligned with Betty’s outfit, Berta also opted for a Vagabond slipper, geometric glasses and a vintage bicycle, and as a bag she chose a big wicker piece.


Betty: Overall: Anna Daubner  / Dress: NUBU / Slippers: Vagabond / Belt: COS / Sunglasses: Hababa Store
Berta: Top: Anna Daubner / Trousers: NUBU / Ruha: COS / Braided Bag: COS / Sunglasses: Hababa Store

Bikes: Vintage Bringa
Memobottle, Kinfolk, Cereal: Uptostyle Shop

If you do not feel like going out, you can make your perfect girly afternoon at home. You can dress up in a light summer dress, get a cool drink, and the latest issue of Cereal or Kinfolk magazine and sit on the terrace with your girlfriends! If you’re bored with the vintage effected lumpy lemonade, refresh a Memobottle with your favorite drink.


Photo: Ancza Krisztina
Makeup: Papp Alexandra
Hair: Horváth Kristóf
Stylist/Creative director: Berczely Betty
Creative assistant: Erdei Tamara
Models: Berczeli Betty & Bodnár Berta