Own the Hour with HODINA

Being the perfect symbol of minimalism, HODINA is an impeccable accessory to represent classic yet modern style that matches every single outfit and ensures timeless quality. In this lookbook, we emphasized the importance of time and slowed down to own the hour with the flawless design of HODINA watches.


The target market of HODINA watches are all those individuals who seek to surround themselves with the harmony of minimalism, appreciate the uniqueness and share the “quality over quantity” viewpoint. All the good things take time, that is why HODINA watches are tested over months before production. According to this, we should sometimes stop for a few hours and only focus on the present.


In the light of this, our lovely model Anett wears a casual dark blue Nanushka sweater that is made from a super soft material. It greatly highlights the black and white HODINA watch and adds a subtle colour to otherwise minimalist outfit. 

Just like the watch itself, this sweater also represents the long lasting, reliable quality that preserves its trendiness over the seasons. As glancing at the watch, this one-of-a-kind piece reminds us to own the hour and enjoy the comfort we have been given.


While sitting in the armchair and looking out the window, the best thing is simply to take pleasure in the view your window shows you, even if it is a street full of interesting people, houses with beautiful details or a green garden where you can take a short walk breathing in the spring sunshine. HODINA watches are not for reminding you to hurry up, but to calm down and remember that there is always time for the good things in life.

In order to point out the simplicity of HODINA lifestyle, we paired the Nanushka sweater with an effortless pair of white Monki jeans that creates excellent harmony by its contrast. Finishing the outfit with a pair of black H&M ankle boots, this look displays how to achieve an effortless elegance with easy-going, high-quality pieces.

Spring is the season of revival and fresh starts. The time has come to think over a few things and consciously take control of life to discover the real values that surround us. This all is impossible without stopping for a while and own the hour. Browse in our webshop and surprise yourself with time, i.e. a gorgeous HODINA watch.

Text: Barbara Ferencz

Layout: Zsuzsanna Magyari

Model: Anett Pósafalvi

Stylist: Priszcilla Varga

Pictures: Gréta Dobai

Watch: Hodina

Sweater: Nanushka

Jeans: Monki

Ankle boots: H&M

Venue: Gemini Residence