Minimalist Love

As fans and followers of minimalism, we love pieces that we can not only perfectly pair with each other and even with a more lively thing at times, but we can even lend or even borrow from our couple. In light of this, we chose love as the inspiration for our October lookbook compilation, faithfully combining unisex garments and accessories that can be worn in style for both girls and boys.


Tami’s set is completed by the REDMOND model with a black mesh strap, the watch structure of which is made of reliable Japanese Minolta, and its glass is made of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Ricsi’s wrist is adorned with a gold mesh strap version of the BELLEVUE, the watch base is finely polished and the watch case is perfectly polished. 

The secret of the brand lies in the precise workmanship, so whatever piece you choose, they will not lose their value over the years.

Under the jacket, Tami chose a unique piece from the joint capsule collection of Laura Nyeste and Uptostyle, the Line Face white t-shirt. The self-portrait-inspired face illustration is in line with the cotton, machine washable, embroidered on a unisex t-shirt. This is a must-have piece for anyone who wants to wear a special designer base piece that can be worn in both winter and summer as part of their wardrobe.

Our models this time wear one of Uptostyle’s favorite accessories, Hodina watches. Inspired by the raw aesthetics of modern architecture, each of the watches is also unisex, as well as appealing to all those who value quality and love to wear unique, sleek accessories.



For those who are passionate about the practical, clean, comfortable city bag, the most perfect choice is the already mentioned Rains, which are perfect not only for coats but also for backpacks. As the images show well, their two products complement each other in a wonderful symbiosis, gilding even the harshest days, whether in terms of weather or mood. Tami chose a Mini Stone light gray, Ricsi a Moon light gray backpack that both provide comfort with an adjustable shoulder strap and a hidden zipped pocket so they provide practical access to key things like a key, phone or pass in any situation. Because both pieces are waterproof, they protect your belongings in all weathers, so you can carry your important documents or laptop with you every day.


While waiting for public transport, you can’t find a better time than to dive into the latest issue of Cereal Magazine, Volume 16, which covers the topic of collecting, or the previous issue of Volume 15, which was born in the name of sustainability, instead of pressing your phone. In addition to the dazzling images, you can get up-to-date information about the problem, which is currently one of the most topical and important topics in the world. And if you want to do something to make the world more sustainable, just like our models, buy your BPA-free Memobottle, the first step to a waste-free lifestyle.


We like minimalism not only because of its aesthetics, combinability, and quality. During the photography, we also really realized how much opportunity the simpler, yet stylish pieces have for both sexes. Show our article to your couple and choose from the great offer of our webshop together!

Photo: Osunsanya Michael

Styling: Erdei Tamara

Makeup: Gerzsenyi Kitti

Creative Assistant: Ashley

Models: Erdei Tamara, Kele Richard