MC & C – Rust Collection

What is a Perfect Bag? The size should be “just right”: pleasantly small, but leave enough space for all the necessary stuff. Be a good quality, artistic designer piece - all at an affordable, affordable price. Be multifunctional, which can be worn for both everyday and elegant events. Be special in terms of colour and material usage, yet restrained. Introducing the MC&C (Mr.Carter & Co.) brand, about which we can proudly state that 1. their Hungarian and 2. their products fulfill all the requirements of the “Perfect Bag”!


MC&C - Rust collection

Their new collection of four bags is called “Rust” due to its reddish, rust-brown hues. In terms of colors, stunning natural phenomena bordering on miracles served as the main inspiration, such as the Grand Canyon and the Moroccan desert, but the design world also carries a drop of American western culture – the shapes of leather accessories featured in classic western films had a big impact on the designer.

The pieces in the collection – the Supai necklace bag and the Yuma handbag – were realized in two different material variations. As a recurring element, the tongue-shaped shape appears, which appears in the silhouette of the necklace bag, and the ears of the handbag also describe such an arc. Both types are made of real calfskin: one is a material of a sophisticated shade, natural rust brown, almost orange in color, with a homogeneous surface. This skin type with the design of the two bags results in a really soft, modern, fresh overall effect. The other is a more striking, more powerful, crocodile-textured leather that evokes the fashions of the last century, making the bag classic and timeless. In addition, the spacious interior design and the brand’s hidden magnets make MC&C accessories really practical.


New Direction

The previous made-to-order production technique (when the pieces in the collection are only made to order – ed.) Has been replaced this time by a limited series production. This means a limited edition set that, once sold out, can no longer be purchased. This makes the collection truly exclusive and there will only be a few pieces of each model in the world. So if you fall in love with one of the bags, knock it down as soon as possible, as the opportunity won’t last long!


UPTOSTYLE's style tips

The central element of our editorial photography this time is none other than the MC&C – Rust collection. We’ve put together two different, elegant, summer outfits: a colourful, lightweight set, and a much more stringent one in terms of character and colour, yet everyday wear.

In the first set, we played with complementary colours: we chose blue and the matching orange.


With the colour-blocking technique, you can add an exciting twist to your set: choose two vibrant shades (a good solution is to use complementary colour pairs) and combine them with natural, monochrome colours (grey, black, white).

The striking sky blue blouse was paired with a rusty orange bag, and finally, the elegant white pants and soft, sand-coloured shoes offset the dominant shades and completed the harmony between the colours.  


The second set is a perfect example of how to simply throw up a completely monochrome assembly. The white t-shirt – a combination of black blazer is an eternal classic, but can be varied depending on the season and trends – is now being tossed up with a black cycling shorts that is currently one of the biggest runners-up this summer. The combination of fine gold jewellery, elegant black shoes, slim sunglasses and of course the MC&C Supai necklace bag gives it a chic and timeless look. As we know, the devil lies in the details: a lipstick, eyeshadow or nail polish of the same shade as the accessory will make the point on the i.


Bags: MC&C (Mr. Carter & Co.) 

Model: Drégelyi Bolda Luca ( Art Models Agency )

Clothes: COS ( BigBag PR ) 

Accessories: COS and BigBag PR 

Magazines: Kinfolk, Cereal ( UPTOSTYLE Webshop ) 


Text: Cselőtei Boglárka 

Pictures: Eszter Sára Cseh 

Styling: Berczeli Betty 

Hair: Kristóf Horváth

Makeup: Cselőtei Buttercup 

We thank for the wonderful bags to MC&C for, for the fantastic fashion photos to Eszter Sára Cseh, for the modeling to Bolda Drégelyi, and for the accessories and clothes to COS and BigBag PR! The photos were taken in Budapest, the I. and II. districts.