HODINA ft. Jan Machenhauer – The remedy for jewellery addiction

Building a capsule wardrobe is one of the most frequently searched minimalist topics on the internet. But do we ever speak about creating a capsule jewellery collection? Not really. Although, this could be a possible way of improving our sustainability-led lifestyle. Which is why we brought you today this brief “why” and “how-to” guide on planning a capsule jewellery case with a focus on the timeless Hodina watch styled with beautiful Jan Machenhauer pieces in the background.


We often fail to sync with our rapidly changing world. Not only the one we live in but also our concept of jewellery has changed a lot throughout the past few years, from one day to another. As time goes by, we forget to appreciate the little things that are part of our everyday life. For example, your five-year-old classic watch that never goes out of style, or a simple statement necklace you always opt for when you go to eat out. Quality pieces that last beyond trends are the ones that save your money and time. And let’s face it, money and time are relevant aspects of our 21st-century life. To give an example: 50 shades of gold bracelet collection might be the result of one or more impulsive decisions, and it takes a lot of time every morning to decide which one you want to wear. The “forever” statement pieces can help you reduce the number of unnecessary items in your life, and focus on the important things.


Hodina, our go-to watch brand, has been redefining the accessory trends since 2015, creating timeless pieces that never go out of style and teaching us to live a simpler, but well balanced and fulfilled life.

One thing is for sure, you need a wristwatch in your capsule jewellery case. It is very practical if you are a part of the #teambusywoman or #teammultitaskingmother, and it helps keep track of your day. If you choose THE watch wisely, you can wear it from desk-to-dinner, from workweek to weekend. This is the essence of a conscious purchase: buying pieces that you never take off and simplify your day-to-day life. One way of practising slow living is bonding with your jewellery, making memories wearing it and growing old happily with your all-time favourites. Once you get your hands on your first Hodina watch, you will live in it.


We are obsessing over the Hodina Redmond watch with a black leather strap. It is uncomplicated, simple in shape and form, and stylish. Its design is non-seasonal and long-lasting. Wearing it, you can bring minimalism with you wherever you go. Owing to its restricted colours, you can combine it with various textiles and patterns. It will spare a few minutes on one of those mornings when you do not know what to wear. Despite the fact that the watch does not have a metallic colour, it still gives that luxurious feel. Therefore, you can wear it on every occasion, regardless of the dress code.


We styled our HODINA Redmond watch with a Jan Machenhauer shirt in the shade of spicy brown, white Lee jeans and a denim jacket. We stuck to comfort but still wanted to create the impression of laid-back elegance. This is where Hodina helped us.

Hodina can grace your jewellery collection and you can style it with ease. There is nothing more to be done except purchasing your own, the perfect base of a capsule jewellery case.


Text: Zsuzsanna Magyari

Pictures: Greta Dobai

Model: Anett Pósafalvi

Shirt: Jan MAchenhauer

Watch: HODINA Redmond