Facing the Autumn – The season of feelings

The season of feelings

She is the cold mornings and hot chocolate, the pumpkin smell and fluffy socks. She is the leaf, dancing in the dim sun, turning into billions shades of crimson. The sound of rustling leaves. The reason for our kindness, the knowing that changes are beautiful and letting things go it’s lovely and empowering. Face the autumn!


Don’t you think autumn resembles a woman? A virtuous kind of woman, who might seem reserved, maybe sometimes cold and unreachable but just like autumn elegant and fruitful.

Women are like autumn. When you are around her, she makes you remember the beauty of cold weather with her cozy and warm sweaters. Every time she looks into the world she introduces you to the kindness, hope and each color of the sunset. Makes your earth beneath your feet and air that surrounds you with every breath you take, be the appreciation of life. She makes you wonder if life was ever that beautiful.

Her perspective, it’s rather simple, maybe foolish, but – oh how complexes can be for others. Women are one of our muses to find our inner elegance, to be warm and comfortable with our body. They are the people who make you realize that the world is not a cold, harsh place and rather ‘Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall’ ( F. Scott Fitzgerald)


The difference between an ordinary life of a woman and an extraordinary, virtuous woman is the matter of perspective. We get so worried about changes, that we end up missing out on happiness altogether. Stop waiting for the spring and start enjoying whatever little fragments of happiness you can find in the autumn… Live for the 5 AM sunrises and 5 PM sunsets when the sun gracefully hits the tree leaves, releasing a perfect color combination of oranges, yellows, and greens. Live for the rainy nights spent curled under the warm blankets with a good book. Pause in anticipation, to hear the faint sound of a dry leaf and smell the burned wood cared in the faint cool breeze. It’s the little moments. That’s what life’s all about.


Jacket: AÉRON


Pants: Levis

Shoes: Vagabond

Model: Priszci

Photographer: Ingmar Bötker

Big thank you for Agency V Copenhagen!