The Touch – Get in Touch with the new Kinfolk book

Get in Touch with the new Kinfolk book

Copenhagen is amazing for many reasons, but one of them is for sure the fact, that back in 2016, Kinfolk moved its base to this buzzing city. Ever since, there has been one amazing event after another, and people still seem to not have enough. And we are not surprised!

We got our hands on a new addition to the Kinfolk family: The Touch. And yes, we will graciously share all the details with you, because we know you are dying to know what The Touch is all about. But you have been warned, once you finish reading, you will have to have one as well!


Where it all started?

Let’s back up a little. Kinfolk was launched back in 2011, by then only 24-year old Nathan Williams. 

He put together some of the best life ethics, and created a before- unknown platform celebrating slow-paced quality life over consumerism and careerism, the two things that nowadays haunt probably every single one of us. So if you are looking for a safe space, you found it!

Launch of the year

We visited their gallery in the heart of Copenhagen, space designed by Danish studio Norm Architects. Otherwise calm and poetic spot, any other day of the year, turned into chattering venue for few hours to celebrate the launch of, most probably, the uttermost exceptional design book we have ever seen.

The launch itself was carried out in the spirit of minimalism, with the focus on the design and process through which the book had been completed. Seeing the influencers and people who mean something in the media business to gather together to celebrate books and design, these moments make us still believe in humanity!

The Touch was created together by Kinfolk’s creative team and brilliant minds behind Norm Architects. This collaboration was probably sent to us from heaven,

so that the world will be filled with brilliant designs. So whoever is behind the bond created between Kinfolk and Norm Architects sometime in early 2016, thank you!

Book of inspiration

On display in the gallery, usual exposition has been replaced by multiple illustrations from the process in which The Touch has been shaped into its final version. If you have a look at the book’s cover, you can see three strong elements splendidly put together. The typeface, the shape and the colour. All precisely handcrafted into a bold statement piece.

But what is it that The Touch is about? If you’re thinking something around architecture and something around spaces, you guessed it! The Touch is about space. Or getting in touch with space on a different level. Finding somehow special connection with our surroundings, other than just visual experience.

Minimalists to the core

Which, in its essence, is a strange concept to wrap around minimalism. Why? Well simply  because of what Minimalism Movement actually means. It is many times that we proclaim ourselves as minimalists and we do not really know what it actually means, or what the initial idea was.  

The Minimalist Movement, started very slowly, and then it found its way to the world all of a sudden. When Frank Stella exhibited his Black Paintings in 1959 in New York, it was obvious that the world of art will change. Stella, painting houses to make some money for living took simple strokes and moved them onto canvas. Simple black strokes were suddenly called art, and even though it was revolutional, who would have thought what is about to happen few decades in the future?


The minimalism took over the world! More and more designers, architects, and people apply the principles of minimalism by using objects in their purest and most basic form – nothing more, nothing less.

But, the 21st century seems to take it a step further. And that is what The Touch represents. Minimalistic spaces perceived in a new form, on a next level. You usually walk into a room, look around and… Well, that is mostly it. You see the space, and the space might be nice, maybe even impressive, but we just look at it. What Kinfolk’s The Touch stands for is literally getting in touch with spaces with more than one of our five senses.

Dare to imagine

The Touch dares you to feel the room! It is a beautiful inspiration and a manifesto to all the creatives out there. To take that original idea Stella introduced to the world back in 1960s and push it higher and further than ever before. 

And where is the trick? Well, it is simply that everybody, in our essence, is a creative. So whoever you are and wherever you are right now, dare to reinvent what seemed to be clear for so long. Rejuvenate your senses and open your mind to what could be.

Text and Photos by Lujza Grossmanová