Studio Esinam – The poster paradise

Once you fall in love with the minimalist lifestyle, the clean white walls in your apartment become SO precious to you. You won’t even want to hang a family portrait! But… do you ever find yourself thinking that something is missing? You’re obsessed with minimalism – but somehow, those white walls are missing something. Well, we’ve searched high and low to find that PERFECT something just for you. After all – only the cleanest designs deserve to decorate your walls.


Studio Esinam, a Swedish brand based in Gothenburg, has our tick of approval when it comes to minimal decor.

When a Swedish duo Josefine Lilljegren and Sebastian Gokah back in 2013 founded Studio Esinam, their inspiration came from urban life and they mastered the connection between interior and exterior spaces. It is the details of the building and the clean lines of the designs that we fell in love with.

And it gets even better; on the contrary of the urban elements we are used to, all of their prints are made of the most eco- friendly materials available. You’ll fall in love with everything this brand represents!  

If you are an architecture or a design enthusiast, you should definitely check out their Instagram profile, it is literally a work of art. They combine subtle colours with simple designs or complicated patterns and it all works together like a perfectly balanced machine.

In addition to the beautiful art prints Studio Esinam designs, they also create tools for architects and visual studios to use for their visual and communication materials, so in case you have an agency looking for visual design tools, Studio Esinam is a place to go! And as a bonus, they’ve recently put together a book of their Elevation art prints, which captures all the remarkable buildings from around the world. And if you are a travel enthusiast just as we in UPTOSTYLE are, there is a minimalist World Map waiting for you. Studio Esinam simply has an eye for beautiful surprises.


You’ll fall in love with everything this brand represents!  

We’re absolutely swooning over all their prints – so you’ll be glad to hear that there are plenty of their designs available in our webshop just for you.

Studio Esinam designs will make a perfect gift for a friend or a stylish addition to your home collection. Just come, have a browse, we know you’ll find the city of your dreams to compliment your minimalistic taste.


Text: Lujza Grossman

Pictures: Studio Esinam