Le Sac en Papier – THE paper bag

French design; the manifestation of Scandinavian simplicity and versatile use. This beautiful statement piece is here to do more than just complement your interior design.


Brought to us by a Paris-based graphic design studio, be-poles was founded in 2000 and successfully expanded from Paris to New York in 2012. It was here that 25 unbelievably talented leaders guided a team of designers, architects, web designers, photographers and curators to create their best interpretations of narrative design.

But now, back to the business. Le Sac en Papier had us hooked at first sight; there are millions of possibilities in which you can use this stylish piece. With its minimalistic design and 100% organic paper, it will fit your home aesthetic perfectly. We guarantee that you’ve never had such a stylish storage bag before in your life. From flowers to toiletries, to your favorite accessories; you can use it for whatever you want! Just keep the pattern and get creative with it!


Want to use it as a handbag? Done. Need some gift wrapping? Easy. Just remember to reuse it – this piece will never go to waste.

UPTOSTYLE is bringing you this 33- litre version in white, with French lettering on one side and English on the other. Satisfy your minimalist appetite and join the family of creatives looking for new ways to style Le Sac en Papier.

If you’re momentarily lacking inspiration, check out their website, to find inspiration and countless possibilities to style it.


Text: Lujza Grossman