The Big Spring Detoxifying Guide

Spring is as about feeling a touch of a soft spring breeze on our face, just like about smelling the ecstatic flower scent that crosses our path on every corner. There is nothing better than feeling the resurgence in the trees, in the scents, in the clouds and most importantly, in our body.

The magic of spring is always in the changes – this time is about new opportunities and fresh starts, while awaking from the winter tiredness, replacing it with exuberance. In order to revive yourself, now we list you some tips to clear your body both from the harmful toxins and negative vibes too.

Our top tips to detoxify…


1. Juice Fasting

A complete detoxification should start with some physical implementations. During winter, the body defends against the cold weather with storing more fat in the tissues. At that time, we tend to eat bigger amounts with more carbohydrates and fats, which become unnecessary when spring arrives. Juice fasting can be a great option to shake up tissues and wash out harmful toxins from the body that have accumulated as a consequence of higher amount of food intake.

2. Water, water, water!

The importance of drinking water can never be emphasized enough. It is so obvious, still, many people ignore to include it in their daily routine. In case you also have serious struggles with this issue, a great option is to take water everywhere with you. Purchase a refillable Memobottle that is not only eco- and budget-friendly, but also stylish, and set a reminder on your phone to drink water. In this way, you will barely forget to fill the bottle and take it with yourself.


3. Practing self-care

Promoting only physical well-being is not enough, it is essential to take care of mental health as well. In order to achieve the required results, start with simple changes. Switch off your electronic devices and sit down in the most comfortable armchair with your favourite book or magazine that you can easily select from our webshop. Moreover, you can spend time in a garden or on your balcony and enjoy the warming sunshine and cheerful bird twittering while reading.

4. Getting organised

Spring cleaning is a common practice in this season, not by chance. Even if you are an exception, it is recommended to think about its background and mental effects – this is the method that helps getting organized and feel comfortable in the cleanliness. However, there are several other ways to accomplish this, for instance writing lists, planning or buying a stylish Hodina or Nordgreen watch to always be on time.


5. Style refresh

Diversity is crucial in life, just remember the cycle of nature. Though sustainability is indispensable, our wardrobe needs some refreshment from time to time. To spice up your style, some precious jewellery or fancy sunnies from will be game changers. Beauty lies in the details, therefore a sophisticated piece of accessory will make you feel absolutely pleased and renewed.

Though these tips juice up your days, you do not need special objects to feel exhilarated. Try to focus on people and adventures around you on a daily basis. You will be soon enthralled how much wonderful things exist in the world. According to this, detoxifying will turn to a habit, resulting a harmonious lifestyle. Words by Barbara Ferencz