Golden Hour with HODINA

Why does Golden Hour encapsulate a feeling of enchantment? And why is it so important to photographers?

At this time of the day, we see the entire world in a very different light, extending the sky’s orange hues a playful invite to shift to soft yellows. It inspires us and makes us slow down to appreciate the present moment. Despite the fact that it happens twice a day, as we rush through our working days, running errands, we often miss them. Hodina taught us to enjoy moments like this and always take the time to appreciate their value. For that reason, in our new editorial, we decided to pay homage to their Kirkland women’s piece.

Hodina is one of our favourite brands to follow. In spite of being based in Seattle, it reaches back to its European roots (Hodina meaning ‘hour’ in Ukrainian), building watches that can speak to you, like a work of art. When it comes to product creation, they pick quality over quantity. The founders share our ideas of living a minimalist life, a relevant part of which is time management. This is where product design meets lifestyle. They want to make sure that you invest in quality, timeless pieces, suitable for any occasion, from day to night.


Now, it’s time to talk about Kirkland. Each piece reflects their love for watches. It is characterized by innovative design, clean lines, neutral tones, with a modern touch of luxury. The well-defined digit less black face strongly emphasizes simplicity. Black isn’t a solo colour – it’s accompanied by a rose gold stainless-steel mesh strap. Kirkland could complement any outfit even amongst today’s fast fashion trends. This simple accessory goes well with a stunning variety of both solid colours and print-on-print. If you’re a minimalist and feel your outfits are missing that finishing touch, Hodina is the answer. No matter how big your wardrobe is, capsule-sized or gigantic, you can’t go wrong with Kirkland.

We admire everything Hodina has accomplished so far as an emerging brand, which is what led us to work together with them. We stock a wide range of their watches in our consciously curated webshop. We are the perfect destination for anyone looking for a unique watch for themselves, friends, significant others or family members.

We were delighted to hear that Hodina added rings to their store. What’s more, their rose gold Minimalist Band with the Kirkland watch is a match made in fashion heaven. If you want to go bold, you can always opt to stack your jewellery or mix the different metals and colours for a more playful look.

Kirkland is an artwork, its simple look makes us think of the elegant way photographers use light, and the rose gold strap reminds us of golden hour. Hodina gives each accessory a long life, you can inherit it or pass down from generation to generation. Purchase your Hodina watch and start making unforgettable memories!