Budapest-born, Copenhagen-based and female-driven, UPTOSTYLE is more than just a lifestyle magazine. We are bringing together writers and designers from all over the world to create a beautiful and inspirational content for our readers.
In UPTOSTYLE it’s always about you, the reader, to promote brands and create content that makes this world a better place and inspires you to do so as well.
We create in the spirit of Scandinavian culture, with our attention to sustainable mindset and minimalism and choosing quality over quantity.
At our online store you can choose from signature Scandinavian brands that inspire us on a daily basis or other world known designers and their extraordinary creations.
We are staying up to date with current trends and design news while embracing giving new life to the vintage and old fashioned pieces. Our style is young and sporty with clear Scandinavian aesthetics, but also with a twitch of new fashion influences. Welcome to your new online magazine!

Our Values


Quality and Sustainable World

Our articles, same as the products at our webshop, are carefully curated with sustainability in mind and promoting the philosophy of quality over quantity


Minimalism and Scandinavian Design

As Scandi based online journal we love all things Scandinavian, from design and aesthetics, to the minimalistic and beautiful way of life


Up To Date and Creative Content

We are a reliable source of up to date info from the world of fashion and design, just as well as inspiring and creative space you need to experience

Meet The Team

Greta Dobai

Our own digital #girlboss with Hungarian-Italian roots. She is responsible for the overall management and growth strategy of UPTOSTYLE. She thrives on good aesthetics and creative thinking, as well as on online marketing. In her free time she is taking care of her succulent garden and drinks good quality coffee. She’s a real girlboss!

Lujza Grossman

A Slovak-born entrepreneur and film addict living in Copenhagen and loving everything bright, from design to weather. Dreams of being a journalist and wishes to make her dream come true in UPTOSTYLE. An enthusiastic writer who is building her own company and is on the hunt for the best café spot in Copenhagen.

Barbara Ferencz

A passionate bookworm graduated as a fashion manager and is now living her dream as a writer. Besides trying to read every book in the world, she is striving to live a conscious lifestyle infused with real values. Her bucket list includes visiting as many places as possible because travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you rich.

Kira Korosi

A city wanderer who seeks beauty in the small things. Studying Hungarian Literature and Linguistics, Kíra has specialized in Film Theory and History. Living in the countryside, she finds great pleasure in city life with a profound love for theatre, fine arts and literature. She envisions herself as a creative director in the future.