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The UK based travel and style magazine Cereal has taken the world by storm, by thoughtfully create aesthetic, minimalistic content that inspires anyone to dream away of catching a plane to a new undiscovered destination.

When beauty touches paper

We at UPTOSTYLE fell in love with Cereal magazine the first time we came across the clean and stylish magazine through social media back in 2012 and have ever since struggled to put down the alluring magazine. The founders Rosa Park and Rich Stapleton’s launched the first Cereal Volume One in December 2012 and the magazine has since been a success both in terms of production and as a well-known travel and style magazine. Every volume has a strong red thread that connects the simplistic, expansive pictures to inspiring texts. It is the connection between the photos that often catches the attention of the eye, and then the high writing standard of the texts that all together create Cereal.


A modern approach to travels

Rosa and Rich love to travel themselves and decided to share their interest with others in the shape of a magazine. They do all the hard groundwork, such as researches, travels, and testing of venues, so that the reader simply can read about the very best of what there is to experience in the world. 


The aim is namely to bring people a young a modern approach to travel and inspire them to experience more, and simply not just tick off a bucket list. They, therefore, avoid the mainstream tourist traps and bring the reader on an adventure that they have never experienced before.


Much more than just a travel magazine

Every photo was taken and every word is written are thoughtfully put together and contribute to what many would propose as a piece of art. The visual identity of Cereal is strong and simplistic, which leaves us at UPTOSTYLE with a dreamy longing to a far away destination. The photos are not just individual photos, but carry a strong thought through all of them. It is the combination of travel, photography, art and design that together enchants the reader to keep reading, and hopefully also inspire the reader to explore more of the beauty in this world. 




Written by Jonna Shore

Layout by Zsuzsanna Magyari